Malaiku (Angels) Survivors of Boko Haram abduction

Martha, !4 years On the 7th of Spetember 2014 while I was travelling to a wedding I was captured by Boko Haram. They killed my brother in law and my sisters fiancé. They carried me and my two sisters to their camp in Gulak. I stayed there for four months. I suffered greatly during this time, sometimes there was not enough food and I hardly bathed. They told me not to walk around outside, and when I did they would beat me, they told me not to talk, and I would talk, so they would beat me, they told me not to sing, I would sing and they would beat me. They taught me how to use a gun, and I went on two operations with them where I would carry ammunitions, but I could never bring myself to kill anyone. I met some of the Chibok girls, and they had been taught to kill people. They tried to force my sister to kill an old man, when she refused they shot her instead, I watched people being slaughtered like ants .They were planning to marry me to one man. A week before the wedding I escaped. I had tried to escape four times but failed every time. An old woman in the camp who spoke my tribal language explained directions of how to escape through the bush. So that night while pretending to go to the toilet, and sneaked away in the night with another girl. I still think about the experience all the time, when I sing in my tribal language I forget, but if I sit quietly I remember everything and will just cry.